Emotional Insight: Emotional Responsibility
Emotional Responsibility, is essential to the foundation of emotional sobriety. It contends that our thoughts largely determine our emotions not events or the actions of others. Individuals and events can present a host of opportunities for you to depress or anger yourself.  However, there are a host of choices in terms of what to think when those opportunities occur. And those choices, in terms of your thinking, affords you the power to determine how you will feel and thus the ability to control your emotional destiny.

Therefore, “She made me so angry, that’s why I hit her,” is an example of not taking emotional responsibility! Rather, you chose to upset yourself {“How dare she talk to me like that, does she know who I am?”} about something she said, and then chose to hit her {“I’ll show her!”}.

Don’t give your power of choice and control over your emotional destiny to others or life events!