Think about your own life

Think about your own life. What have your thoughts and emotions cost you? Has your emotions tainted or ruined any important relationships, sabotaged any goals or kept your marriage stuck in constant battles?

If you continue this self-defeating way of thinking and feeling, where will you be a few years from now? What will it cost you mentally, emotionally and physically? Do you want to continue to pay that cost?

If not, then make an investment in yourself: Work with Me! I offer private consultations that will provide you with emotional insights and tools to take control of your thoughts, emotions and life.

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If You’re Feeling Any Of These, Make An Investment
In Yourself: Work With Me

  • Uncharacteristically sad, anxious or depressed.
  • Feeling unworthy of love or happiness in life, feeling “empty”
  • Feeling “stuck” and unsure of the direction your life is taking
  • Despair about your troubled marriage and past abusive relationships
  • Feeling “not enough,” and often putting yourself down, self-downing
  • Often overreacting when frustrated: yelling, hitting, throwing or breaking things
  • Hopelessness over addictive behaviors: smoking, alcoholism, pornography or drug abuse

If You’re Saying Any Of These To Yourself, Make An Investment In Yourself: Work With Me

  • “I can’t change; I’ve always been this way!”
  • “If you don’t want to get hit then don’t upset me.”
  • “If he doesn’t want me, it just proves I’m worthless.”
  • “If you don’t piss me off, I won’t yell or throw things.”
  • “Nothing ever goes the way I want in life, I’m such a failure.”
  • “I need a cigarette or a drink, I can’t go a whole day without one.”
  • “I should be married and have a family of my own like my friends.”
  • “I should have a successful career like everyone else, I’m such a loser.”
  • “If I control my weight, it will prove I’m a good person, and worthy to be loved.”

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