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I offer private consultation sessions that will afford you the time and a safe space to address any issue you like, from a general concern to focusing on a particular challenge or goal. Together, we will work to identify and modify limited styles of thinking and their self-defeating emotions and consequences—all of which are preventing you from feeling how you want to feel and living how you want to live!

I will provide specific emotional insights, techniques, recommendations and action steps to help you take control of your emotions and life.

We’ll meet via Skype or by phone, so you’ll enjoy the additional benefit of our sessions occurring in a location that is most comfortable for you: from the privacy of your home to the serenity of a beach. Wherever you decide, let’s work together to take your relationship with yourself, others and life to the next level.



Making an appointment is simple, just purchase one of the session options above. We offer an affordable “1-Session” option, as well as bundle Discount Packages if you purchase “3-Sessions” or “4 Sessions.” Additionally, an “E-mail Exchange” option is provided, in which you send an e-mail and I will reply. After purchasing our session(s), fill out the form to the right and click “Submit.”
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